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Gothic: The Dark Heart of Film (A BFI Compendium)

The lavishly illustrated new BFI Compendium, written by some of the foremost authorities in the field, is the essential accompaniment to the BFI’s major Gothic project.

Gothic: The Dark Heart of Film explores the shadowy world of Gothic cinema and television – a haunted place stalked by vampires and werewolves, ghosts and tormented monsters, mad scientists and the living dead, brooding Princes of Darkness and imperilled heroines…

Through a range of lavishly illustrated new essays, written by some of the foremost authorities in the field, Gothic: The Dark Heart of Film reveals how the archetypes of Gothic horror and romance have endured, reflecting our deepest fears back at us.

It charts the story of how the Gothic found its dark heart in Britain, and came to life on film across the world, from its origins in the silent era, through the Universal horrors of the 1930s, the rise of Hammer in the 1950s, and many other twilight stops on its path to the present.

With contributions from Mark Gatiss, Sir Christopher Frayling, Guillermo del Toro, Anne Billson, Jonathan Rigby, Mark Kermode, Roger Luckhurst, Richard T. Kelly, Reece Shearsmith, Matthew Sweet, Ramsey Campbell, Glen Duncan, David Pirie, Marina Warner, Charlie Higson, Roger Clarke, Kim Newman, Victoria Nelson, Helen Oyeyemi, Stephen Volk, Catherine Spooner, David Punter, Rob Young, Geoffrey O’Brien and more.

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39 Steps to the Genius of Hitchcock (A BFI Compendium)

The first BFI Compendium offers a complete portrait of the man the world came to know as the ‘Master of Suspense’, and a fuller understanding of just what we mean when we describe something as ‘Hitchcockian’.

Featuring essays by 39 of the world’s foremost authorities on Hitchcock, including Charles Barr, Patrick McGilligan, Laura Mulvey, Camille Paglia, David Thomson and Guillermo del Toro.

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