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  • 10 great films set in museums

    As we get ready to settle into the British Museum for our Monster Weekend, we stroll the corridors of film history to select 10 great museum movies.

    Samuel Wigley
    Thursday 22 August 2013


  • Video: Pat Collins on Silence

    Pat Collins discusses his film Silence, which follows a sound recordist on a quest to capture the quiet of an environment free of manmade sound.

    Thursday 22 August 2013


  • Why I love... Night of the Demon

    Paving for the way for later occult classics like The Wicker Man, Night of the Demon is a masterpiece of fright about witchcraft in modern Britain. 

    Vic Pratt
    Wednesday 21 August 2013


  • Portraits of Satyajit Ray

    Nemai Ghosh’s photographs of Satyajit Ray show a master filmmaker at work, both on location and at home in his study.

    Andrew Robinson
    Monday 19 August 2013


  • Film of the week: Kuma

    Caught between old and new mores, a borrowed wife learns the blues in this snapshot of repressive hypocrisy in Austria’s Turkish enclave, writes Philip Kemp.

    Philip Kemp
    Friday 16 August 2013

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  • Video: Salman Rushdie on Pather Panchali

    Salman Rushdie talks about why he believes Satyajit Ray’s Pather Panchali is the greatest film ever made.

    Friday 16 August 2013


  • Back to the land: Pat Collins on Silence

    The director of a remarkable portrait of Ireland’s ancient west country talks lost landscapes and whispered histories with Colm McAuliffe.

    Colm McAuliffe
    Friday 16 August 2013


  • Karen Black, 1939-2013

    Peter Tonguette on the soul of the 1970s’ New American Cinema.

    Peter Tonguette
    Thursday 15 August 2013


  • 10 great films about women and the city

    To honour the rerelease of Satyajit Ray’s The Big City, we take a tour of 10 more remarkable films about female experience in the world’s metropolises.

    Anna Coatman
    Thursday 15 August 2013


  • Video: The Big City trailer

    The trailer for Satyajit Ray’s wonderful portrait of mid-50s Calcutta.

    Thursday 15 August 2013


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  • 10 great films about brothers

    10 great films about brothers

    Fraternal frictions, jealousy and brotherly love run high in our list of 10 classic brother movies, celebrating the nationwide rerelease of the James Dean classic East of Eden.
    Thursday 10 April 2014

  • 10 great teen films

    10 great teen films

    We chart the growing pains of the coming-of-age movie across the decades with a selection of 10 terrific teen movies.
    Friday 4 April 2014

  • 10 great films about doubles

    10 great films about doubles

    With Jesse Eisenberg acting alongside himself in Richard Ayoade’s new film The Double, we reflect on some of cinema’s best films featuring doubles, dead ringers and doppelgängers.
    Thursday 27 March 2014


  • 10 great films about sex

    10 great films about sex

    As Lars von Trier’s Nymph()maniac arrives in cinemas and on the BFI Player, we survey sex on film with a list of some of cinema’s naughtiest...
    Friday 21 February 2014


  • Behind the scenes: The Godfather trilogy

    Behind the scenes: The Godfather trilogy

    17 rare shots of Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and Francis Ford Coppola in production on one of film history’s greatest trilogies.
    Tuesday 18 February 2014


  • Studio Ghibli: five essential films

    Studio Ghibli: five essential films

    As the great Japanese animation studio nears its 30th anniversary and BFI Southbank mounts a full feature retrospective, we pick out five must-see...
    Wednesday 26 March 2014

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  • Oscars 2014

    Oscars 2014

    Interviews, news and comment on the Academy Awards.

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  • BAFTAs 2014

    BAFTAs 2014

    Interviews, news and comment on the British Academy Film Awards.

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