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About us

Film & Wine, is an idea created by Gloria Vasquez (viva Vitis) previuosly we were screening with The Gate Arts, sadly we couldn't afford to hire the venue anymore. That's why, we have to look for some help around Cardiff. Now we are screening with Tramshed Cinema, which is part of Tramshed Tech, a community building embracing people like us. We give a taste of our sponsor from Chile Santa Rita wines.

We've been working in this idea since April 2016, it has been a journey because also we've been working as a volunteer for different org this year, like RSPB, Barnardos, Valley and Vale Arts, Cardiff Buddhist Centre plus working parallel in other part time jobs.

One of our deepest feeling is to help people like us to integrate better to our community to share time with other people from different country or different background, make friends, and have some community, have some "Tertulia time", talk to others, have a conversation about any subject and we think films, create this atmosphere, conversation, make connection and cultivate friendship.

This idea is coming from Gloria as a citizen working for seven years in an overseas country, working Monday to Friday and resting weekends. I realise I didn't know many people, and I wasn't feeling part of the place that I live, too much technology blinded me and I could recognise that I needed to find a way to get involve with Cardiff, give my time to a good cause and I did it, this year has been great to know the work of many people as a volunteer and also splendid organisation who works for minorities. 

I found in my journey The Gate, a community centre, where everyone is welcome to have a cup of tea, watch a play, music, dance etc. I applied for a fund called The Gate Fund, this help me to have membership with Cinema for all and have access to many films and pay for 2x copy rights, and helping me more to understand and learn more about community cinema in the UK. 

I'm very new with Films & Wine Community Cinema, compared with many other members of Cinema For All. I have degree in Film and also been working 7 years in UK in the wine industry. I've been asking for sponsorship to many many vineyards and Santa Rita, say YES! So far with two screenings we've been able to enjoy Santa Rita wines because they support community and because I'm from Chile and it was hard to say NO! 

We are welcoming any business to come and support this idea and to embrace community at the Gate Arts Centre. 

If you are interested in be part of this project or would like to be part of Films & Wine, please email: for more details.

Currently we are screening one film per month as listed below.

Remember at Films & Wine Community Cinema... we make community to VOTE for OUR films and we give away FREE tickets!

Where to buy tickets or memberships


  • Community Cinema films & wine connecting with Cardiff
  • Celebrating women's day, screening Amy!
  • Helping at the bar and taking pictures
  • At the Bar.

Organisations we work with

  • Cinema For All
  • Film Hub Wales