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29 Oct 2012
Director John Landis introduces his Screen Epiphany, 2001: A Space Odyssey
14 Aug 2012
Actor Matt Smith, writer Steven Moffat and other cast and crew members behind the latest Doctor Who adventure, Asylum of the Daleks, are interviewed at BFI Southbank.
20 Jul 2012
Musician Ice-T discusses his deeply personal journey through Hip Hop culture featuring interviews with Chuck D, Eminem, Dr Dre and Kanye West.
9 May 2012
Kim Smith and Carl Gonzales discuss starring in The Little Ones, the groundbreaking 1964 film exploring the interracial friendship between two young children.
15 Apr 2012
Julie Dawn Cole talks about her role as the bratty Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971).
29 Mar 2012
Speaking after the Gala screening of Absent, Marco Berger speaks about the development of the film, the challenge of dealing with tragedy for the first time, and investigating the differences in points of view.
25 Mar 2012
Director Valérie Mitteaux discusses her documentary profiling four people reinventing and questioning the border between male and female.
24 Mar 2012
Taking to the stage after the screening of their new musical set in the world of competitive costume balls, the creative team of 'Leave It On The Floor' talk about their experiences in front of, and away from, the camera.
18 Mar 2012
The creative team behind the hit CBBC series Horrible Histories visit BFI Southbank for a Film Funday preview event.
8 Mar 2012
Actor Romola Garai introduces Birds Eye View's gala celebration of International Women's Day 2012.
11 Nov 2011
Joanna Quinn (Girls’ Night Out) and Glen Keane (a veteran of many Disney films) explain how they inject human characteristics into their artwork
6 Nov 2011
Sir Alan Parker, Dexter Fletcher and Paul Murphy celebrate the 35th anniversary of Bugsy Malone.
20 Oct 2011
The creative team behind Low Life take part in a Q&A.
11 Oct 2011
Rebecca Denton from Turner Broadcasting presents the animated series Gumball as an example of a new approach in children's television programming.
15 Sep 2011
The cast and creators of Merlin took to the BFI Southbank stage following a preview of the fourth series.