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26 Nov 2012
Actor and comedian Peter Serafinowicz introduces Stanley Donen's 1967 comedy Bedazzled as the film that inspired him. He also welcomes to the stage one of the film's stars, Eleanor Bron.
28 Aug 2012
Cast members Fiona Allen, Sally Phillips and Doon Mackichan join writer and creator Victoria Pile, to discuss the making of Smack the Pony.
28 Aug 2012
David Walliams introduces his BFI Screen Epiphany, "The Spy Who Loved Me".
3 Jul 2012
The creators and stars of two Sky1 comedies, Moone Boy and Parents, join BSkyB Head of Comedy Lucy Lumsden to talk about the creation of their series.
3 Jul 2012
BSkyB Head of Comedy Lucy Lumsden talks about her career in television sitcoms, working with various television executives and considers the future for television comedy.
8 May 2012
The cast and crew behind All in Good Time take part in a Q&A following the Gala Premiere at BFI Southbank.
23 Mar 2012
After the LLGFF Opening Night Gala screening of Cloudburst, Thom Fitzgerald's comic road movie, the director and actors discuss the making of the film.
22 Mar 2012
Director Richard Lester receives a BFI Fellowship award following a screening of his Robin Hood drama, Robin and Marian (1976).
18 Mar 2012
The creative team behind the hit CBBC series Horrible Histories visit BFI Southbank for a Film Funday preview event.
29 Jan 2012
Presenter and novelist Francine Stock introduces a screening of Go To Blazes (1962).
29 Jan 2012
British scriptwriters Ray Galton and Alan Simpson discuss their 'lost' script, The Day Off, and its rediscovery, and talk about working with the late comedian Tony Hancock.
27 Jan 2012
James Bobin discusses the making of The Muppets, showing as part of the London Comedy Film Festival.
12 Jan 2012
Jonathan Ross hosts a panel discussion at BFI Southbank with Robert Popper, Peter Serafinowicz and Tim Kirkby.
12 Dec 2011
Sarah Smith introduces John Hughes’ Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987) exclusively to BFI Members and guests.
11 Nov 2011
Joanna Quinn (Girls’ Night Out) and Glen Keane (a veteran of many Disney films) explain how they inject human characteristics into their artwork