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25 Mar 2012
Director Valérie Mitteaux discusses her documentary profiling four people reinventing and questioning the border between male and female.
24 Mar 2012
After the screening of the film about his life and work as the first openly gay and partnered bishop in Christendom, Bishop Gene Robinson talks about why tolerance isn't enough.
16 Oct 2011
Woody Harrelson takes part in an American Express Screen Talk at BFI Southbank.
4 Oct 2011
Ken Loach introduces a screening of his 1966 TV drama Cathy Come Home
11 Sep 2011
Director Anthony Baxter discusses his film You've Been Trumped.
1 Sep 2011
Ken Loach, Tony Garnett and Justin Forsyth discuss Loach's Save the Children Film (1969).
11 Jun 2011
Spanish director Carlos Saura talks about his 1975 film Cría cuervos.
9 Apr 2011
Filmmaker Menelik Shabazz conducts a documentary masterclass.
13 Mar 2011
Suha Arraf dicusses the making of Women of Hamas with BEV programmer Gali Gold.
24 Feb 2011
Director Sir Alan Parker introduces his Screen Epiphany If...exclusively to BFI Members and guests.
3 Feb 2011
Documentary film maker Phil Collins talks about his installation: Marxism Today at BFI Southbank's Gallery.
27 Nov 2010
An expert panel discusses the little-known history of a clandestine group of anti-Franco filmmakers.
23 Oct 2010
Day 11 saw the UK premiere of Ken Loach's Route Irish.
23 Oct 2010
Brightwide presents a compelling conversation about maternal mortality after a screening of No Woman No Cry.
20 Oct 2010
Kim Longinotto answers audience questions after a screening of her latest documentary Pink Saris.