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Series: BFI National Archive
31 Jan 2012
William Raban discusses The Houseless Shadow.
29 Jun 2011
Actor Jean Kent takes to the BFI Southbank stage to discuss her role in Caravan (1946).
26 Jun 2011
Curator Dylan Cave interviews writer John Briley after a screening of She... Who Would be Pope
6 Jun 2011
A panel discuss the remarkable rediscovery of British TV Drama in the Library of Congress.
18 May 2011
A panel of experts discuss the remarkable restoration of The Great White Silence (1924), Herbert Ponting’s extraordinary record of Captain Scott’s ill-fated race to the South Pole
7 Feb 2011
The launch of the Tales from the Shipyard Season Launch at BFI Southbank.
15 Dec 2010
Derrick Knight discusses his groundbreaking portrayal of the rehabilitation of injured miners
8 Dec 2010
A panel of historians debates the impact and legacy of the documentaries in our Boom Britain season.
6 Dec 2010
Derek Williams discusses his Oscar nominated documentaries.
6 Dec 2010
Writer and academic Charles Barr talks about Hitchcock, emphasizing his early works and development, on the occasion of his Researchers' Tales talk at the BFI National Library.
1 Dec 2010
Historians and former employees discuss the oldest independent documentary production company in Britain
26 Nov 2010
Peter Bradford joins Patrick Russell to discuss directing his 1963 documentary People, Productivity and Change.
23 Nov 2010
Anderson experts put his early documentary work into context
18 Nov 2010
Sarah Erulkar talks about her life as a documentary director
16 Nov 2010
Award winning filmmaker Anthony Simmons discusses his early work.